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3 Online Skills Every Small Business Owner Needs

Most businesses at this point are aware that they need a website and an email address, but very few take it any further than this – and some haven’t even gotten that far.

This in spite of the fact that mastering a few basic online skills can improve your customer base, your sales, and your customer’s loyalty to you.

After you get a well-designed website in place, consider adding these online skills to your repertoire to get more out of your business.

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The Ideal Business

Sounds like a great title huh, you probably thought, oh is it one that makes great $$ (yeah) and does it have incredible profits (well YEAH!) and does it mean I have to hardly run it… and don’t have to have many skills???? umm probably not.

What I’m thinking of here is the structural side of the business idea, rather than the sort of business it might be. So no it’s not the far out super freaky pizza business that serves east west Tex-Mex surprises with a Thai influence.

small business magazine

Your Results, Your Fault


In business the results you get can be ‘relatively’ proportionate to the effort you put in.

So far so good, but a problem arises when people don’t do anything or do the wrong thing to try and get results

Far too often people will play the blame game. “I tried this to get more business happening and it didn’t work and the same with that, and that and such and such… nothings working!”

small business magazine
small business magazine

The changing face of retail


The retail industry is confronted with unprecedented change. Economic turmoil and technological advances are combining to reshape the retail landscape faster than some retailers are able to react.

Today’s consumer has vastly different and more sophisticated expectations of product, service, value and environment than five or even three years ago. In the new multichannel reality, the boundaries between virtual and physical space are becoming blurred and retailers are being forced to question the role and function of stores in an environment where their relevance to the connected consumer is increasingly subject to challenge.



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